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The Openturk Chrome extension allows you to use MTurk more efficiently: manage you favorite requesters, share HITs you like and work on HITs that other workers have liked, and track your earnings. Some instructions are provided below.

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Work on good HITs. Subscribe to Requesters. Get a Recommended HIT.

In the list of HITs you can find two new buttons: "Recommend me a HIT" will point you to a HIT that other workers on MTurk have found interesting. This is similar that what you can do on forums like The second button you can find is "Subscribe" next to each requester. This lets you be notified when this requester is publishing new HITs. Subscribe to requesters you trust and like.



Share a HIT you like. Other workers will be happy.

When you are working on HITs and you think it's a good one (e.g., well paid, funny, interesting) you can click on the green "Share HIT" button. This will make this HIT being recommended to other MTurk workers like you. Note that by sharing a HIT you are not "losing money": Each HIT is assigned to multiple workers. You can complete only one of such assignement but you can also help other workers to find this HIT.

List of Favorite Requesters. The ones you subcribed to.

In the OpenTurk Extension Pop-up window you can find the list of requesters for which you subscribed. For each of them you can see the number of HIT batchs they have published. In red you can see the newly posted HITs.



Recommended HITs. Pick a good HIT yourself.

In the second tab of the OpenTurk Extension Pop-up window you can get a list of HITs shared by other MTurk workers. Here you can decide which one to work on based on their title and reward.

Saved Searches. Find HITs for your recurrent searches.

Instead of searching MTurk all the time for the same things, with OpenTurk you can store your query once and the extension will notify you when new HITs matching you search are available on MTurk. Click and go to the HITs.



Balance Analytics. Look at your turking results!

In the Balance tab you can see some statistics about earnings, tasks submitted, approved, and pending over time. You can also set a daily goal and see your current projected earning towards your goal. Let us know which other statistics you would like to see here. We're happy to help.

OpenTurk Contextual Click. One-click paste of your Worker ID.

Sometime surveys and other forms ask you to type in your MTurk Worker ID. Just right-click in the input area and paste it with OpenTurk.



OpenTurk Settings. Customize your experience.

In this page you can change few parameters. Most importantly, you can add your search queries for HITs on MTurk and your daily goal.